Monday, December 26, 2011

Disneyland Paris Update: Return of the Dragon !

The Dragon under DLP Sleeping Beauty Castle is back and the whole place looks more beautiful than ever! DLP Imagineers did major enhancements on the lighting and the timing between each cycle of the Audio-Animatronic is also now shorter. Before, DLP guests had to wait a minute or two to see the dragon "wake up" again, and it seems that now the timing between the moment he goes asleep and the one where he wake up has been reduced.

I have beautiful pictures of the dragon with the new lighting for you and because it's Christmas time i have a little gift as all the pictures above and below shot with a Canon 5D Mark II are in "wallpaper" size and will do great wallpapers for your computer! Enjoy!

I remind you that my Disneyland Paris book is going to be reprint in its collector's edition and you can find all infos to order a copy HERE, or on the article below.

Pictures: copyright Disney and more


A Snow White Sanctum said...

Sweet! Love the dragon!

Anonymous said...

Très joli !

... sans doute la seule nouveauté des 20 ans !