Friday, December 30, 2011

Shanghaî Disneyland project moving to the next stage

Good news from Shanghaî Disneyland to end this year as Shanghaî Daily announced today that the SDL project is moving to the next stage:

Disneyland will start taking shape in the spring, with work set to begin on attractions, government officials said yesterday. Preparatory work on the first Disneyland on the Chinese mainland began in April, with the theme park scheduled to open in 2015.

The core facilities of Shanghai Disneyland will be under construction next April, said the Shanghai Construction Commission at a news conference this afternoon. Infrastructural construction of roads and pipelines for the Disneyland began in April this year and will be completed next March, said Jiang Shujie, a commission official.

Jiang Shujie, deputy director with the Shanghai Construction Commission, said nearly 3 billion yuan has been spent on preparatory construction. This includes building roads and drainage systems, as well as sightseeing and traffic structures. Preparatory work should be finished by the spring, after which builders can move on to Disneyland attractions, Jiang said.

Work has begun on a 10-kilometer waterway attraction that will enclose the site. A 5-kilometer stretch is currently being dug at the northwest of the site, Jiang said. He added that two elevated roads connecting the site to the S1 and S2 highways are under construction and could open next April. A Metro link will also be built.

Authorities have already revealed a rough plan indicating how Shanghai Disneyland could look, attracting great interest. The first phase of the park will cost 24.5 billion yuan (US$3.7 billion) and an additional 4.5 billion yuan will be spent to build supporting facilities such as hotels, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Shanghai regards the project part of its efforts to become a world-class tourist destination. The first phase of Shanghai Disneyland is expected to attract 7.3 million visitors a year, Jiang said."

It's also interesting to note that Shanghaî Disneyland will be at just 21 kilometers from Shanghaî central People's Square and only 12 kilometers from the Pudong International Airport! SDL will be connected from the airport by highways and a Metro line.

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