Sunday, January 8, 2012

ThemeParkGPS, the first iPhone App that will guide you by GPS inside WDW Magic Kingdom !

Here is a great idea, specially for WDW guests coming for the first time at the Magic Kingdom... or for those of you who definitely don't have the sense of orientation. ThemeParkGPS is, simply, the first ever GPS iPhone App that actually helps you to navigate throughout the Magic Kingdom effortlessly and enjoyably. All you have to do is to follow the icon "Guide Guy" as he shows and tells you how to get from where you are in the Magic Kingdom to anywhere you want to go in the Park.

You know how works GPS for cars? This app works the same way, and the voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS directions is only one of the many features that are offer in this ThemeParkGPS App. Here is a description of the others features, coming from the App description.

FAMILY & FRIEND TRACKER: Want to keep track of the kids while letting them explore the Park by themselves? With ThemeParkGPS you will have peace of mind, always knowing where the kids are in the Park while still giving them their independence. Note that each person you are tracking needs this App downloaded to their iPhone.

IN-APP MESSAGING: Want to meet your friends for lunch in the Magic Kingdom? Need to remind them of your next FASTPASS time? Use this convenient App feature to send and receive messages...especially time-sensitive messages!

REAL-TIME MAP VIEW: Johnny needs to go to the! You are out of cash and you need to find the closest ATM. No worries! GUIDE GUY will locate you on the GPS Map, pinpointing everything that is around you, and lead you to your destination quickly and directly.

FUN FOODFINDER: Craving something special to eat? Want to find a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom that serves Chicken Tenders, Pizza, Carrot Cake or Baked Ziti, for example? With this unique feature, you can search for a place to eat based on any combination of 5 categories!

GPS VEHICLE LOCATOR: Ok, you've had a long, tiring day. Both you and the kids are getting cranky. Its dark and all you want to do is get the kids back to the hotel...and fast! Suddenly you find yourself wandering aimlessly in the parking lot looking for your vehicle. No worries. Follow our dependable GUIDE GUY and he will lead you directly to your vehicle!

In addition ThemeParkGPS gives you much more: You also get the latest information on Magic Kingdom's Attractions, Dining, Shopping, Special Events and Entertainment.

Sounds like a good app for someone who don't know well the park, isn't it? And the good news is that this GPS app cost $0.99 only on the iTunes Appstore! If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go ahead, you can download the App HERE.

AND, talking about iPhone Apps, i remind you the two great Tokyo Disney Sea and Hong Kong Disneyland Apps which include hundred of gorgeous pictures of the parks and that you can download HERE and HERE.


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

This App is great! The only thing is that I've never seen this Walt and Minnie statue at the MG...

Jones said...

A GPS locator for a theme park? It´s official, I guess: The entire world has gone crazy...

Stephen W. Phillips said...

Do you know who developed this app? Contact information?

Alain Littaye said...

Stephen, just go here to contact them: