Wednesday, January 11, 2012

John Carter International Poster Released !

An international poster for John Carter was released today and it is the one that you can see above. In addition, Disney also released recently other posters - the ones below - and they're all in wallpaper size, so click on each to get them in high-res!

You know that we love the renderings here at Disney and more, so here is some concept-arts done for this awaited movie.

Finally, Disney released last month a new trailer that i didn't posted on D&M and you can watch it below. Personally i have a very good feeling with this John Carter, released early March world wide. Partly because it is former Pixar animator Andrew Stanton - Wall-E director - who did it. I am confident he will find the right emotion for the film and that his creation of Mars will be memorable. Let's hope i'm right!

Pictures and video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Very Frank Frazettaish! Looks like a must see. PD

Brian said...

Looking at the trailer, it seems that both Star Wars and Avatar were big inspiration sources for this movie!

Anonymous said...

^The other way around. Both Avatar and Star Wars (especially the arena fight) where inspired by the BOOK 'A Princess of Mars' published in 1917 which IS the story of Disney's 'John Carter'

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The movie looks good, but why did they remove "Walt" from under the castle in the logo? Now there's only "Disney" written. I think that this is a huge disrespect to the founder of this great company!

Anonymous said...

Looks like STAR WARS Episode I combined with Prince of Persia. Looks like another high budget bomb is on the way. An over abundance of special effects and things flying around the screed does not make a good movie.