Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Looking for a job at Shanghaî Disneyland ?

If you're in China or anywhere else and are interested to have a job at Shanghaî Disneyland, be ready for next year as Shanghaî Daily revealed today that: "Shanghaî Disneyland, scheduled to open in 2015, will kick off a global recruitment campaign next year.

Park officials will put little emphasis on applicants' educational background, instead focusing on their abilities and qualities, said Shanghai Shendi Group Co Ltd, which represents the city government's stake in the project. Thus, officials said, college graduates can apply for jobs as waiters and waitresses while people holding lower diplomas will have the opportunity to become administrative staff for the park.

Hu Jingjun, director of Shendi, said the park will need thousands of employees. Mark Hall, a British human resources expert, forecast that about 40 percent of Disneyland's employees will be maintenance or low-skilled workers, such as security guards and cleaners, half will be employed in services, and 10 percent will take high-level management posts.

The theme park will be located in Chuansha of the Pudong New Area, where most of the population has a relatively low educational background. But the recruitment information will be promoted to Chuansha residents, and the Pudong government will hold training classes for applicants to improve their competitive chances".

You got the message?

Text: copyright Shanghaî Daily

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I suppose that fluency in Mandarin will be required to apply for a job there also...