Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is the common point between the Disney Dream ship and the upcoming WDS Ratatouille ride ?

You'll probably be surprised to learn that the brand new Disney Dream ship and the awaited Ratatouille area opening in 2014 at the WDS have something in common! And what is it, you ask? Well, both of them have (or will have) a "Ratatouille" restaurant! Actually, as the Disney Dream is already operating it's the first one to have a table service restaurant inspired by Pixar's animated movie, and the place is called "Remy".

Now, when the Ratatouille ride will open sometime in 2014 at the Walt Disney Studios park there will be also a "Ratatouille" restaurant. We don't know yet what will be its name but chances are that he will be called also "Remy". So, when i heard that the Disney Dream had also a restaurant inspired by Ratatouille i thought it might be interesting to have a look at how it looks, precisely. Not that the decor of the restaurant that will be build at the WDS will be necessarily the same, probably not, but sometime WDI Imagineers keep the concepts of some elements previously designed to used them on something similar. Again, chances are that the decor won't be the same - and the WDS restaurant will certainly be much bigger than the one on the Disney Dream - but i would not be surprised if we found at WDS Ratatouille restaurant some designs used for the one of the Disney Dream.

So, have a look at this video - filmed recently by the always excellent Jeff Lange - showing the Disney Dream's Remy restaurant as may be we have a look at the future WDS Ratatouille restaurant without knowing it!

Video: copyright Jeff Lange

Picture: copyright Disney

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

They should just call it Gusteau's and it shoul look like the restaurant from the movie. They can be inspired by the "La Tour D'Argent" restaurant in Paris, which looks similar to Gusteau's.

This restaurant is very nice for a ship, but for a signature restaurant in a Disney Park they have to do much better.