Sunday, March 25, 2012

David Copperfield is back at Disney Hollywood Studios, and this time he's teaching you some magic !

Who remember the "David Copperfield Magic Underground" restaurant project that was supposed to open at Disney-MGM Studios in the late 1990's - and never opened. It was announced on a big billboard near the entrance of the park, and then, not only the billboard but the whole project really disappeared!

You might be interested to know what happened, so here is more about this project-that-never-was: David Copperfield's Magic Underground was planned to be a restaurant based on Copperfield's magic. There was a sign on Hollywood Boulevard during the late 90s indicating the restaurant was coming soon. Signs were also located around Pleasure Island and signs outside Disney-MGM Studios. A Magic Underground restaurant was also going to open in New York's Times Square. Plans also included eventual expansion into Disneyland in Anaheim, California, as well as Paris and Tokyo. The restaurants were to have magic props and other items on the walls of the restaurants while magicians would go around to tables doing sleight of hand tricks. There was also to be a larger stage for larger stunts. The restaurant in Times Square was 85 percent completed, but, amid disputes between the creative team and the financial team, and enormous cost overruns, finances dried up from the investors, so the project was cancelled, and Disney cancelled the lease. Copperfield was not an investor in the project; the investors reportedly lost $34 million on the project".

...Well, since then Michael Eisner also have disappeared from the WDC, but it's for other reasons! Probably the only thing that survived from this project is this great and funny picture of Eisner with David released by WDW marketing office when everything was going fine with the project.

But this week, David Copperfield was back at Disney Hollywood Studios, and this time to learn you a very-simple-to-perform magic act as you will see on the video below!

Picture and video: copyright Disney

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