Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DLP 20th Ann Update : Disney Magic on Parade Premiere

Disney Magic on Parade - "La Magie Disney en Parade" - got his premiere yesterday and, although the previous parade will run until the end of the month we have already pictures and videos of this new 20th anniversary parade. First, you have to know that it's not a full new parade, and basically it's the previous parade with one or two new floats and elements as well as one previous float being repainted and a new song theme.

Opinions about it are so-and-so on DLP forums, some like it, others hate it but everyone seems to agree that the soundtrack, the new music, which has one never-ending theme - "Magic Everywhere" - is worst than the previous one, mainly because it never stops. As i didn't saw the parade myself i can't give you my opinion and i will wait until i see it, but from what we can hear on the video i quite agree that this "Magic Everywhere" theme might have been better if it would have stopped or changed instead to remain the same all along the parade. "20th " signs have also been put on each float and DLP fans seems to consider that it's too much "20th" signs, that it would have been better with one only on the opening float.

Among what's new we have the three fairies from "Sleeping Beauty" who are opening the parade...

...just followed by the main new float with the blue fairy and Cinderella god mother fairy.

By the way, the blue fairy is charming, really...

Right after the new float come prince and princesses in their horse carriage, and that's also new.

Most of the floats of the previous parade didn't had changes and, thanks god, the've kept the great Alice in Wonderland float, one of my favorite!

That said, the characters on the floats had some changes and for instance it's now Raiponce and Flynn instead of Aladdin and Jasmine...

Just before the last float - which now have new colors - are introduced new witches/magicians who were not there in the previous version.

This last float which had before prince and princesses characters now have Goofy, Donald, Mickey, Minnie and Chip and Dale all dressed as magicians, and Mickey is on the top.

And now, on with the show with the video of this Disney Magic on Parade and if you stay till the very end you will have a "Tinkerbell" surprise!

The next big thing to come for DLP 20th anniversary is of course the awaited Disney Dreams! show directed by Steven Davison. You saw early this week the first official picture - that i repost below - but here is a video of the rehearsals filmed by a fan from the Disneyland Hotel - with no sound, it's normal, he was too far. If you want to keep the surprise till we have a real good video of the show it's probably better to don't watch this one as it reveals a big part of the projection effects on Sleeping Beauty castle - and they look great!

I will do an update about this new show early next week but in the meantime i remind you that that you still can order a collector copy of the DLP book. the final price now applies but we're doing a FREE SHIPPING for each order placed before April 31st ! So, go ahead and place your pre-order now for a collector's edition copy while you can get this special offer on this wonderful book!! To know how to order and send your payment please go HERE. Paypal or bank wire transfer payments are welcome and below is a video which will show you the entire book!

Pictures and Video : copyright stitch59000, bgregmedia

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