Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Disneyland Fantasy Faire To Open In One Month , On March 12

Disneyland Fantasy Faire is opening in one month from now, on March 12 and as you will see on the construction shots below released by D23 it's almost a mini-land which will open, close to Sleeping Beauty castle. Lot of workers and Imagineers still on site, rushing to get everything ready for March 12!

I also repost some renderings that i've posted in my previous Fantasy Faire article, as these new files are in much better resolution, and also there is some new artworks!

And now, some precious WDI artworks!

I remind you that Figaro and the bird in cage will be two audio-animatronics!

Pictures and artwork: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Needs a lot of ageing. Would love to see an aerial photo.I heard Tony Baxter will be there for the unveiling.

Brian said...

That looks amazing! If we would only have such nice weather around this time in Paris! Will there also be real attractions in this area?

Anonymous said...

Awmazing thank u so much ! I'm excited to be there soon after it opens !!