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Comicon 2013 : Avengers 2 Title Revealed, X-Men : Days of Future Past, Justice League Movie, Cosplay Girls, and more

Joss Whedon revealed a few hours ago at San Diego Comicon the title of Avengers 2, and it will be called "Age of Ultron" ! Clips of Thor: the Dark World and Captain America : the Winter Soldier were also presented to an enthusiastic crowd.

But who is "Ultron" the villain of Avengers 2? Here is a picture below to introduce him to non specialists of Marvel villains. 
For more infos about the Ultron character jump to the Wikipedia page HERE.

The cast of the upcoming film "X-Men: Days of Future Past" made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con along with director Bryan Singer.
The cast members who appeared include those from the original "X-Men" movie franchise and those from 2011's X-Men reboot "X:Men: First Class." Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McEvoy, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Jackman, Evan Peters, Shawn Ashmore and Omar Sy assembled in Hall H to debut footage from the film. Peter Dinklage joins 'X-Men' cast as Bolivar Trask, the creator of the Sentinels (see video below to learn more about TRASK Industries).

"The goal was to try and make a film that would bring this cast together by time travel or time displacement of some kind," Bryan Singer said. "Basically, the notion is that consciousness of Wolverine of the future is sent into his past self. And it was nice because Hugh was able to play both parts because the character of Wolverine is ageless. And it was great to be able to place him as a character in both these worlds. For me, it was great to reunite the old cast and get to work as a director with the new cast."
Singer also addressed rumors that this new film will rewrite the movie universe he's set up in prior films, specifically changing some of the events from "X2."
"Whenever you're going back in time -- and this is every bit as much a time travel movie as it is an X-Men movie -- there is those risks," Singer said. "I'm not the audience, I'm just the filmmaker, but I do believe in certain continuity that we'll maintain and some things we'll change. When you go back and mess about, things happen. So some of those rumors are probably somewhat true."

One of the big surprises is that Professor Charles Xavier (Stewart) is still alive after the events of 2006's "X-Men: The Last Stand." In that film, the character of Jean Grey killed Xavier -- mostly.
"My assumption was that it was going to be Ian and Halle and Hugh and everybody back, but it won't be me," Stewart said. "But something happened, which I'm not allowed to talk about -- am I?"

In my own mind I understand how Xavier is alive at the end of 'X-Men 3,'" Singer responded. "At the end of 'X-Men 3' after the credits when his consciousness is inside of this woman in a hospital and you take that and mix it with some powerful mutants -- mutants can do a lot of cool stuff -- you can imagine that anything is possible." ( From )

Another big superhero movie news was also announced by Warner Bros Pictures Saturday at Comic-Con as Superman will pair with his fellow Justice League hero Batman in the upcoming yet-to-be-named film, expected to begin production in 2014. "Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder will direct the film, and current Superman Henry Cavill will star, Warner Bros. said. The new Batman has yet to be cast.

"Superman and Batman together on the big screen is a dream come true for DC (Comics) fans everywhere," said Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment.
Snyder told Comic-Con fans he's excited to work with Cavill again and take the story to the next chapter.
Metallica unveils film footage at Comic-Con
"It's beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest superheroes in the world," he said.
Snyder strongly hinted that the heroes will be rivals in the movie."

Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane also return for the new film, Warner Bros. said.

Christian Bale, who starred as Batman in the three Dark Knight movies told Entertainment Weekly this month that he wouldn't be starring in a fourth, so maybe we can't expect to see him in this Batman / Superman movie. And director Christopher Nolan who also said he will not direct a fourth Batman movie will, however, have a hand in the upcoming Superman-Batman film as one of the executive producers, Warner Bros. said.

A bit of fun and sexy to end: Comicon is indeed the convention where Majors released precious infos awaited by the fans but Comicon is also known for its fans in costumes ( how many Slave Princess Leia will be there this year ? ), in two words, hot Cosplay girls! 

Here are the Comicon 2012 Cosplay girls

And here are the 2013 Cosplay girls!

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That's great news, because if Ultron will be in the next Avengers movie, Hank Pym will also have a role in it and I really missed him (and Wasp) in the first Avengers movie.

Let's hope that both of them will be cast for the second movie!