Saturday, July 27, 2013

What's Happening About DLP Future ?

Editor's Note: Last Thursday the D-Log website posted an article called "Future developments at Disneyland Paris in danger". The article made the effect of a thunder clap in the DLP fans community and since then i've received dozens of messages asking me "Did you read this? Is this true?...". 

Well, yes, of course, i've read the D-Log article and because it is a quite complex case i will post on Disney and more on Monday an article to explain you what's going on and where is the truth in all this. In the meantime have a read of the D-Log article HERE

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Permanecer sentados, por favor... said...

Hi Alain!
It's good to read your blog (as usually is). I was wondering if may we know the reasons that have made you postpone it? The developement of DLP is always a truly interesting topic, you know :)