Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Disneyland Paris Update : Ratatouille Ride Pictures, New DLP Portals, and much more...

I have a big Disneyland Paris update for you today with more than 40 pictures and the latest news about the parks, thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and DlrpWelcome webmaster! Right now temperatures are high in France and at DLP.  Today it was as high as 35 degrees ( celsius! ) in the parks, in two words: bloody hot! But this won't stop us to have a look at what's happening, and let's begin by what you're all waiting for, i.e the latest pictures of the works on the Ratatouille ride construction site.

So, let's walk through the Walt Disney Studios...

...to the Toon Studio land and the construction site where a crane was installed to make things easier for the workers to move the metallic structures for the upcoming theming on the Imagination building.

But, most of all, it's amazing the progress which has been done on the theming of the show building and restaurant facades since two weeks ago. Double-click on each image to have a closer look to the new theming which is now appearing.

Outside the WDS and near the World of Disney Store something new is also coming and it's new doorways that will "mark" the entrance to the parks area. In the background of the picture below you can see the metallic structure now in place for the first of them.

And how will it look when it will be finished, you ask? Well, it will look like these computer renderings below, and you have here the front and the back of the portal.

As a matter of fact, once finished, the real thing should look very similar to the big arch located at the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland, the one you can see below.

However, nearby, the previous arch at the entrance of the Disney Village has been partly removed and is now in a stand-by disassembly state which don't look that nice for visitors. Hope they will finish this as soon as possible...

Let's move to the Disneyland Park where fresh repainting and new electronics counters awaits guests at the entrance.

On the park map guests can see now an ad for the new Disney Dreams Light Ears. What it means is that the park is doing everything they can to promote these new Light Ears in the hope that guests will buy them...

Near the castle the lawns are suffering from the heat, in addition to the constant stamping from visitors desperately to find a good spot to watch the parades and the Disney Dreams! show.

Talking about the castle, apparently new adjustment have been done on the castle hill where  new steps and a railings between the castle and the hill just appeared, all this probably done for security reasons for Disney Dreams! maintenance cast-members and gardeners.

Let's move to Adventureland where the the antiskids that i talked you about in my previous update are still being installed.

And, good, news, the Cool post located in front of the Hakuna Matata restaurant is now open again with its brand new thatched roof.

A little way through Fantasyland...

And here we are at the entrance of Discoveryland.

Unfortunately the heat is also responsible of the appearance of moss in the water and the state of the fake rocks at the land entrance is getting worse, too.

Some problem happened a few weeks ago on Space Mountain and on July 6 a part of the exterior structure was removed. Apparently it hasn't been that easy and they had to literally "cut" the part of it which had the problem. ( pictures from DisneylandParisFans and InsideDLParis )

The removed section has now been restored and is back in place.

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - Dlrp Welcome

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