Friday, July 26, 2013

Soarin' over the world to have multiple films like Star Tours ?

Lance from Screamscape has a very interesting rumor today as he heard " that the new Soarin' version ( aka: Soarin' over the world ) coming in 2016 may borrow a little technology from the Star Tours 2 project. This would be more than the switch over from Imax film to Digital (each has it’s own merit), but a switch to digital would also allow for the possibility of using a randomizer to include different possible ride scenes to be shown during each visit... 
Now while I can’ verify that this will happen, the simple fact that there are really far too many incredible places in the world worth Soarin’ over, more than would easily fit into a quick 5-6 minute ride film, this would be a great way to add them all into the mix of possible locations. In fact… they could even incorporate some of the great scenes from Soarin’ over California into the mix, ensuring that some of the existing ride lives on into the next generation." 

Not only this would be a great idea but it will also makes perfectly sense. In fact, when i've read Lance post i thought: " how didn't i think about this before?!? " It would be absurd to "soar" above the whole world in 5 or 6 minutes, so this is really what must be done, and i hope it will happen for real!

Now, if you want to have an idea how great Soarin' over the world sequences might be, here is something that is as close as possible to how it should look. Discovery Channel released recently a series of beautiful short documentaries called "The World from above". Each episode has a different destination and the one i embedded here will take you for a HD flight above Italy and especially Venise the gorgeous city of Doges. As i wouldn't be surprised that Venise will be one of Soarin' over the world destinations this kind of "preview" should interest you. 
Very important: choose to watch it in the highest definition - 1080p - and definitely in full screen mode!

More on Screamscape HERE , and also more about Soarin' Over the World different countries / destinations in my latest update HERE. 

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Mike said...

The first time I rode Soarin' in Disney World, I thought: "Why are we flying over California?"

An updated video, or sequence of videos, would make sense.

But I gotta say, I really like the California video, and especially the score. I would be disappointed if I couldn't ride it again.