Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fantastic Tokyo Disney Sea Pictorial Report By Maureen - Part One

Maureen, D&M contributor and webmaster of the new and excellent Hello Disneyland website, is back with fantastic pictures of Tokyo Disney Sea, which is for many - and for good reasons - the most beautiful Disney theme park in the world. The pictures were shot with a Nikon D300S during her first trip to TDS a while ago and i think she did a real good job that you're gonna like.

Editing: The part two of this TDS pictorial report is now online on D&M HERE!

We'll start by TDS entrance and some views of Mediterranean Harbor and Mysterious Island.

Let's move to Port Discovery, and have a look at the wall in the background on the pictures below. The real sea is right behind it, although there is a road and the TDR monorail track that you can't see on the picturse between the wall and the sea. Still, the sea is probably at just twenty meters from the wall / barrier and i've always wondered how it will hold in case of a tsunami... Well, i suppose if the tsunami is high enough it will go over it and we won't have to ask the question anymore!

The TDS elevated tramway goes from Port Discovery to American Waterfront where none can't miss the impressive Tower of Terror building.

The re-creation of New York harbor with the huge S.S Columbia as well as many others ships all with an impressive size is amazing.

Don't miss the part two of this TDS pictorial report now online on D&M HERE!

Pictures: copyright Maureen- Hello Disneyland

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