Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DLP Phantom Manor Video with Original Vincent Price Audio track

In one of my recent DLP update about DLP future you've read that DLP Imagineering is supposed to work on an upgraded version of Frontierland Phantom Manor. And part of the plan seems to bring back the fantastic audio track with Vincent Price voice which would be definitely a great idea.

But how the ride would sounds with the Vincent Price audio? Well, for those of you wondering what the Phantom Manor ride with the Vincent Price audio would sound like, here is a great YouTube video posted by MartinsVidsDotNet a few years ago. The video is showing attraction footage edited with the audio track of the attraction music with Vincent Price's voice work, and the whole thing will give you a perfect idea of what you can expect when DLPI will have finished the Phantom Manor upgrade!

In addition to this video i also post above a rendering which was often asked to me among the years : the famous artwork by Julie Svendsen showing how Phantom Manor looked like "before" the curse transformed it in an uninhabited and haunted manor. This is an upscaled version of the HD scan we used for my DLP book, and i'm sure you will enjoy it.

In addition, i also post above an upscaled version of the HD scan of the artwork showing Phantom manor ballroom scene, a rendering from Fernando Tenedora.

Pictures: copyright Disney

Video: copyright MartinsVidsDotNet

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