Friday, January 9, 2015

Disneyland Paris Main Street Discovery Arcade Towns of the Future Posters

I really wouldn't like to leave you without posting something that a lot of you asked me regularly among the years, and i'm talking here about DLP Main Street Cities of the Future posters, the ones that DLP guests can see inside the great Discovery Arcade designed by WDI Imagineer Eddie Sotto. The style of the nineteenth century French artist Robida, as well as the spirit of the American magazine Popular Mechanix, inspired these giant Discovery Arcade posters created by Jim Michaelson, Maureen Johnston and R. Ziscis.

The pictures below are the scans we did for my DLP book. I've also upscaled three of them - but you also have the original non-upscaled version. Although the scans are bigger than these pictures are reproduced in my DLP book they are not "poster" size, so it'll be probably difficult to make posters out of them but those who are more gifted than i am for upscaling pictures might succeed. By the way, i've never understood why DLP, in 22 years has never published these futuristic posters... Let's hope that someone at merchandise will finally have the insight that it could be a successful operation and will finally make them available...

All-right, there we go and we start by the New York poster. You have above the original scan and below the upscaled version. Please note that upscaled versions might take some time to appear on this page because of the file weight.

Next, the Baltimore poster.

The one below is the Washington D.C poster!

The next one is the Chicago poster and you have it in two versions. The original scan...

...and an upscaled version.

The Atlantic City poster.

The Denver poster.

The New Orleans poster.

The St Louis poster.

The Los Angeles poster.

And last but not least, the San Francisco poster in its original scan...

...and an upscaled version.

Well, i'm sure you've all enjoyed these great Cities of the Future posters and i'll see you tomorrow for something different but also great!

Pictures: copyright Disney 


Anonymous said...

I've been hoping to see these for so long, thank you thank you thank you!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks me 2!

Katie said...

These are great! Thanks so much for posting them :)