Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stunning CGI Recreation of DLP Space Mountain Original Version by Gregory Noacco !

Gregory Noacco is a genius. I mean it, really. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain, and the 150th of Jules Verne "De La Terre A La Lune" novel, he recreated completely in CGI Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland Space Mountain original version - the one we all love - "From the Earth to the Moon" ! That's right, everything - and i mean EVERYTHING - that you will see on the video below has been recreated by Gregory on his computer and it's more than perfect, there is no words to describe the greatness of his work. You will feel like being sit in the front row of a Space Mountain train, back in 1995!

So, Welcome aboard, Space traveller! Embark one more time for a trip to the Moon with "Discovery Mountain: Origins", a non-official home-made tribute to the "Greatest ride in the Universe"! Prepare for blast off!

Guess what, Gregory also did a 3D version! Yes! Go ahead take your 3D glasses now!
Note: to watch it in 3D on a 3D TV you need to choose on your TV the 3D mode "side by side", and 3D effect will work perfectly.

And one more for the road with another short but always great video, another "home made" reconstruction, this time of the "StarSpeeder 3000" advertisement that was shown in the queue of the classic "Star Tours" ride, at Disneyland.

Make sure to leave your comments on the Youtube pages of Gregory videos as he did a great, great job, really!

Videos: copyright Gregory Noacco


Anonymous said...

Really lovely! What amazing work!

Raphaël said...

Hi Alain,

Thank you. I just passed over the 40 years old barrier but thanks to this video, I'm back to my 20s :). If I had to wish upon a star, to restore the Space Mountain as it was then would probably at the top of my list.

You'll be missed when you'll stop updating but it was a pleasure to read you all these years and I'll still have the archives and your wonderful book.

A Belgian DLP fan.

Mraco said...

That's breathtaking!
Oh, the music... *sigh*

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That video is awesome! I really don't understand why they changed such a great theme, which is perfect for a park located in France.

This brought back many memories of my childhood. That Méliès style moon was a very nice touch!

Your posts will be very missed Alain and I do hope that you come back again, even if not with daily posts, but it would be nice to have your posts once in a while when you feel like it.

Tom said...

This recreation is incredible! And it makes me sad, because I can not understand how they could ruin such a masterpiece, one of the best indoor roller coasters, with the best onboard music ever!

Thanks for this link and to the one one made it: it's unbelievable how amazing this is!

Anonymous said...

The video is fantastic!! Many thanks, I have only seen the second version and wish I could have seen the original -- this lets me do that as much as possible. Thanks again!

Chris said...

I miss this old version a lot!!!
I hope they bring it back to life.
Mission 2 is one of the worst jobs imagineers totally destroyed the athmosphere of the ride.