Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New 950 Rooms Value Hotel to be Build at Disneyland Paris in Front of Santa Fe Hotel ?

Our friends of ED92 have the DLP scoop of the week as they reveal that Disneyland Paris may build soon a new 950 rooms "value" hotel of 97862 sqm., right in front of the Santa Fe Hotel ( on the other side of the road ). Note that the hotel will be build almost exactly where the Lava Lagoon water park that never was was supposed to be built.

To learn a bit more about this new hotel which for now has an unknown theme though the project has for code name "New Wave", jump HERE or on ED92 Forum HERE.

Picture: copyright Disney


Mraco said...

Just what DLP needs... another hotel.... -.-

Brandon Piazza said...

Is Lava Lagoon completely off the table? I thought it was still in the 20 year plan! 😡☹️😫

Alain Littaye said...

No, Brandon, the Lava Lagoon project is definitely dead. At least for DLP, may be you'll see it in another park as "a good idea never die at WDI", as they say.