Saturday, April 2, 2016

New High-Def Shanghaî Disneyland Aerial Video !

A new drone video has been uploaded on Youtube and it seems that they don't even care anymore to fly the drones when there are people working in the park as you'll see in the video below. so, no more sunrise videos but unfortunately they gave to the image a dominant colour which obviously is not the reality. I tried on the screens captures below to modify this a bit but it's obviously still not the perfect aerial video with the perfect colors.

Anyway, here is the video which is extremely good on a definition point of view, so make sure to enlarge each screen capture to see details clearly.

And now,  enhanced screen captures!


K. Martinez said...

Love watching the ants (people) walking over the sprawling layout. So far the most interesting developments to me have been the "Voyage to the Crystal Grotto" in Fantasyland and "Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure" in Treasure Trove. Those two I'm definitely interested in seeing more of. Thanks for the continuous updates, Alain.

Brandon Piazza said...

It's a small detail, but I love the way the main thoroughfare of the park is delineated by the alternating pink and blue color! It is a very reassuring and orienting device to keep park goers in tune with their whereabouts and direction!