Saturday, June 18, 2016

At Last a Fantastic HD video of Shanghaî Disneyland Adventure Isle Roaring Rapids Showing the Impressive Q'araq Creature Audio-Animatronic

At last a fantastic HD video of Shanghaî Disneyland Adventure Isle Roaring Rapids raft ride showing the impressive Q'araq creature Audio-Animatronic, now at last working! Apparently WDI is using a Kuka robotic arm for the move of the creature head which would explain why it is so fluid. Enjoy, and thanks a lot to SoCal Attractions 360!

Video: copyright SoCal Attrcations 360


Michael G. said...

Alain - Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks so much! Amazing Creature!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's kind of underwhelming, it looks a lot like DCA's Grizzly River Run with a giant alligator creature. They should have had at least three encounters with the creature. The whirlpool is cool though. And what the heck is a Q'araq? And what are those idol statues? Is this a totally made up thing, or is it based on Chinese culture? The idols look vaguely South Pacific Islander.

Brandon said...

Great Dino but the rest of the ride seemed a little under themed! Of course perhaps that's not the case in person!