Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Grand Opening Celebration Gala Full HD Video

Shanghaî Disneyland Grand Opening Celebration Gala Concert with dozens of musicians and choirs just ended and here is the full Gala HD Video and some screen captures of the end of it! This was the concert that you'll see tomorrow on the Disney Channel, with right before it the SDL dedication by Bob Iger!

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Kyle said...

Will they close when it snows like school? Also I feel Disney is digging it's own grave which we provide the materials with as they focus on a single movie for it's theme park aka Star Wars.

Disney has been about a blend of themes and when Star Wars runs it's course five years from now it will be a *seen there done that* kind of deal where it's exciting once,maybe twice and by a niche group of fans even thrice but after that people will move on.

Tron will always be popular because of it's computer theme. Funny Tron wasn't popular when it first came out because a lot of people frankly didn't understand computers yet and what the movie referred to such AS the I/O guy who controlled all outgoing and inflow information.

Tron like steam punk doesn't need to *change* while Star Wars will fade into background when the next popular thing takes it's place and the crowd goes *ooh gah* over that.