Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Gets Ready for its Grand Opening on June 16

Shanghaî Disneyland gets ready for its official opening on June 16 as you'll see on these brand new pictures below. Unfortunately for me the party is over before it even started. At the time i'm writing this post i should be heading to the airport to take my flight to Shanghaî, but it won't be the case as the worst thing that could today happen to me, happened, i.e i've lost my passport!!! And with no passport, no entrance in China... I've spent a big part of last night and today to find it, to check and double check everywhere at home or other places where i could have left it, and no passport anywhere, it literally disappeared! I had to cancel everything, plane ticket, hotel, etc... and i suppose that "it was not written" that i will participate to SDL Grand Opening... I have to say it's a little bit frustrating but i will survive to it!

EDIT 6/15: Guess what, i’ve finally found back my passport this morning! ...but now it’s too late to be on time in Shanghaî, the fare don't allow to re-reschedule the flight at an earlier date than the one i rescheduled yesterday, etc… so it’s really frustrating… Grrrr…

Anyway, just like you i will follow this big event from abroad and of course will let you know here on D&M what happened!

Pictures: copyright New China

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