Tuesday, June 14, 2016

First Pete's Dragon Trailer !

The first real trailer for Pete's Dragon has been released and, honestly, it looks really good! And there is the great Robert Redford playing in it! Don't miss the trailer!

Picture and video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Kinda looks like ET, interesting that they would make it modern day. It takes place in a forest, not the seashore with a light house.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Yes, it doesn't look bad, but the original is one of the most boring Disney movies of all time, so why remake it? Don't the people at the Disney Studios have original ideas for movies anymore?

Even if they really don't, they still have a lot of awesome classics to remake, or make a new version/ sequel/ prequel, like 20,000 leagues under the sea, Haunted Mansion... but Pete's dragon... what will they do next, a remake of James and the giant peech?