Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Will Val D'Europe Host the 2025 World Expo ...and Offer to Disneyland Paris Temporarily a Kind of "Epcot Park" ?

Val d'Europe - the new city close to Disneyland Paris - has applied to host the global village of the 2025 World Expo ...if the Paris bid is successful. The first of two lands offered is called the ZAC de la Motte, next to the aquatic center of Val d'Europe, both on the municipalities of Bailly-Romainvilliers and Serris. The second land is inside the ring road of Disneyland Paris, facing Magny-le-Hongre. 

"They are mainly fields, but these fields are intended to be developed," explains Arnaud Belenet Mayor LR Bailly-Romainvilliers and president of Val d'Europe. The mayor develops the reasons for the nomination. "This is to make the city even more known. We have a capacity to host major events and flows of visitors. And this can strengthen and accelerate the economic development of the territory and increase investment. " 

Only place in Seine-et-Marne to having applied to host the World Expo, Val-Europe's will compete with six other sites in the Paris areato host the global village. The chosen site will be known before summer 2017. True heart of the Expo, the global village should be visited by 45 to 60 million people. It is of course also necessary that Paris was chosen to host the World Expo. The country that will host the World Expo will be designated in 2018 by vote of the 169 members of the International Exhibitions Bureau headquartered which is ....in Paris. 

It's interesting to note that at the center of the global village will be a huge sphere of 127m in diameter ( see artwork ). As we know an Epcot park was envisioned for DLP a long tome ago before being cancelled, so if Val D'Europe and Paris host the 2025 Expo, considering that World Expos generally always show what the future will be made of, may be DLP will have a kind of "Epcot" close to the parks, even if it will be temporarily… 

French version on Le Parisien webite HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this new !

Anonymous said...

An EPCOT-style park was originally envisioned for DLP before being cancelled? Wow! I'm a big Disney geek, but I didn't know that! Alain, if you have any pics of that, or more info, it would make for a very interesting post!