Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Discover Pegase Express, Parc Asterix Newest Attraction Opening Spring 2017 !

Disneyland Paris will face serious competition next year as, in addition to the Futuroscope which is opening soon a flying theater "Soaring" ride, the Parc Asterix theme park - Disneyland Paris main competitor near Paris - will open a new attraction next Spring titled "Pegase Express"!

Pegase Express will be a roller coaster with a storyline based on the Greek mythological legend in which Zeus decided to move Pegase - the horse with wings - to a new constellation so he will stay forever in the sky. It's with Pegase that Parc Asterix guests will have the luck to do the ride, though a quite turbulent one.

Located in the Greek area of the park the ride will run at high speed on a track almost one kilometer long! The full length of the Pegase Express track will be exactly 928m for a ride which will last 3 minutes at a maximum speed of 52 km/h.

Guests will load in the Montparnassos station - a nod to Paris famous Gare Montparnasse - and the train launched by a catapult system will run around the park, passing twice over the Romus and Rapidus attraction.

During the ride guests in the Pegase Express train will go through a giant billboard...

...enter a tunnel and reach an antique temple... which they will come face to face with Medusa, the dreadful mythological creature!
Awaken, Medusa will threaten guests to petrify them and they won't have any other solution than to escape moving backwards!

Thrilling voyage with many nods to Greek mythology Pegase Express will be a family ride for all ages with a requested minimum height of 1 meter, and will open at Parc Asterix in 2017, most probably next Spring!

Pictures: copyright Parc Asterix - Uderzo

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Wow - nearly 1km long! That's impressive!