Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man Experience Soft-Openings Begins! HD Videos - Now Edited With Full Ride Video !

The soft-openings of the awaited  Iron Man Experience attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland began and the folks of Disney Magic Kingdom blog have uploaded on Youtube a series of great HD videos showing everything, except the ride itself (so far ). We can't thank them enough to have filmed the whole thing.

Let's start with this short video which in fact is an official HKDL video.

Next is the first video filmed by Disney Magic Kingdom blog showing the "Iron Man Tech showcase by Stark Industries"

Next, another video showing the iron Man meet and greet. By the way, for all videos don't forget to choose the higher HD definition to watch them!

The next video shows all the different "halls" that HKDL guests go through during the highly themed queue areas before doing the ride itself. The video shows everything in details and ends at the boarding room!

During the pre-show Iron Man Experience guests can see a great movie which introduce the visitors to Stark Expo and here is the video of the full film - again, watch it in HD!

Time for guests to do the ride and here are some pictures of the boarding area, where they don't forget to take too 3D glasses, and the inside of the simulator!

We don't have yet an on-ride video - it should come soon - but here is a a screen capture of footage shot during the ride itself.

Personally i think that the whole thing is a "Top WDI" work and i can't wait to see a ride video. We'll end by the Iron Man Experience simulator ride boarding videos - and don't miss the special guest in his cameo! Make sure to subscribe to the videos of Disney Magic Kingdom blog on Youtube HERE!

Editing: the full ride video is now available! Watch it below in full screen mode and choose the HD Definition!

All videos: copyright Disney Magical Blog, Theme Park Review

Pictures: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful attraction! Very exciting and exactly what HKDL needed.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing... pretty much Star Tours, a 30 year old attraction, and there doesnt even seem to have the detailed queue Star Tours has. They should have at least built something at the par of The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman from Islands of Adventure.

Alain Littaye said...

Are you serious about e non-detailed queue? If you watch the videos you can see that guests enter a "Stark Expo" and go through many "Halls", each one link to what Tony Stark is creating, before boarding for the ride. So, i don't personally call this a non-detailed queue...

Sean H said...

I love how the queue music is from Spaceship Earth and Test Track. I guess it works though.

Anonymous said...

It took them all that time to build Star Tours with a different theme? That huge building and the ride only wiggles and doesn't actually go anywhere? Uh... No thanks. No need to visit.

Unknown said...

And Stan Lee cameo for the win!!

Tom said...

Well, they could have built another Star Tours, I think this is more original. The building and queue look good. Don't know why it took 3+ years to build this, but hey, it's a new attraction and the first of the Marvel corner there! I think it's great :)

Myk said...

The Fanboys will never be happy. Most of them have never been to the park anyway, so their opinion isn't worth much.

This is a great addition and a perfect compliment to the existing park. HKDL is getting better and better each year.

Brandon said...

I understand your frustration. But I think it's helpful to remember the scale of Hong Kong Disneyland! The park is on the small side and while beautifully themed, the proportions of the park would not have supported an islands of Adventure style attraction in that space. A ride that big requires a huge show building! I think when built out, an attraction of the style you were hoping for (we All were hoping for) will be possible. But it will require a trail and carved out space to get to, akin to the Star Wars land at The USA parks! I think that's what we'll see in the next Hong Kong expansion!
I hope you'll reconsider a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland! While not as expansive as Disney world, it is a beautiful park and one I enjoyed immensely! The "haunted" mansion and grizzly gulch are reason enough to visit trust me!