Thursday, July 26, 2007

Disneyland Paris 15th anniversary fashion event

At Disneyland Paris, the 15th anniversary event is still going on until next year, and there was recently a "fashion event" at Paris "Magic Kingdom".
The park asked some french fashion creators , among them some world reknowned like Azzedine Alaia or Chantal Thomass to design their own vision for the dress of the Sleeping Beauty or other characters like Tinkerbell.

The drawings of each of them were displayed in the Sleeping Beauty castle walkthrough at the 1st floor of the castle.

Each creator designed also the dress from their drawings and Chantal Thomass choose Tinkerbell.

They even did a mise-en scène of the Sleeping Beauty - still sleeping, as well as everybody around her, as you can see !

A party was organized , too, with musicians dressed in 18th century costumes , here inside the Cinderella restaurant with Jacques Hintzy, president of Unicef france as the event was to the benefit of the Unicef organization.

And even Maleficent was there for a night show with flames around her!

Photos: copyright Disney

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