Saturday, July 28, 2007

San Diego Comic-Con breaking news : LIVE with the Indiana Jones 4 cast - Video

Fans were hysterical at the San Diego Comic Con when Steven Spielberg and the cast of the awaited Indiana Jones 4 appeared on the convention screen, as you will see on the video below.

But the big surprise was the return of Karen Allen who will play again the Marion Ravenwood character - the one she played in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"! And the great actor John Hurt will play her father - Abner Ravenwood - yes, the one who was supposedly searching for the Ark of the Covenant in the first movie before Indy gets involved in the search, and find it.

Right now, Steven is filming scenes in Hawai.

No more infos about the story line was revealed, but, always at Comic Con, Hasbro who have the license for some of the coming Indiana Jones 4 products revealed their future action figures. They did a special Indy decor for the display, with Egyptian statues and a real-size Ark of the Covenant. But what intrigued me is this model of a Mayan pyramid, also part of their decor. As we know, the previous Indy expeditions didn't lead him to old Mayan civilisation. So, is this the first proof to the rumours that the "treasure" location of the fourth movie will be in Mexico?

And if you're looking for an Indiana Jones 4 wallpaper, here is a brand-new one!

Photos: copyright Lucasfilm Ltd

Picture of the Mayan pyramid model:

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