Sunday, July 29, 2007

San Diego Comic-Con breaking news : Pixar unveils Wall-E story line

Director Andrew Stanton was at the Comic Con yesterday and unveils the story line of the next Pixar animated: "Wall-E'.

Here it is , as transcript by Scott Chitwood of the excellent web site who was in San Diego.

"In the future, humans have completely trashed the planet with rampant commercialism. They then leave the planet on space liners while robots are left behind to clean up the planet. Unfortunately, 700 years go by and they never return. Eventually one robot, WALL•E, develops a personality. As he roams the planet, he eventually finds a way to get off the planet. He then finds the last remaining space liner containing the 'lost tribe' of humans. However, years in space with all their needs covered by robots have made them literal couch potatoes. They are huge, helpless blobs. Along the way WALL•E also meets and falls in love with another robot named Eve. WALL•E attempts to woo her, but his efforts just might be what ends up restoring the human race to its former glory.

Next up, Stanton introduced "Star Wars" veteran Ben Burtt, who is doing sound design on the film. He played samples of the various robots sound effects then showed animation samples of the robots. We saw WALL•E, Eve, a sidekick hygienic droid named M-O, and Auto who is the auto pilot of the space liner. Burtt revealed that Eve is a probe droid that is held together by magnetic fields. She also features a few special functions and weapons. M-O is an obliterator droid that rolls around on a track ball.

The audience then got to be the first to see footage from the film. We see WALL•E, back on Earth, preparing for another day at work. He's followed by his pet cockroach as he leaves his makeshift house. As he sorts through the human's garbage, he picks out objects that interest him – a bra, a jewelry box, a rubber ducky, and other things. However, his day is interrupted when he sees a big red dot from a laser light. He follows it but doesn't realize what it is. However, he soon discovers that it's a landing guide for a ship... that lands right on top of him. WALL•E escapes by digging underground, then pops up just in time to see what emerges from the ship. Unfortunately, the clip ended before we got to see just what that was."

More news about Wall-E on and a even more detailed story-line at:

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