Monday, July 30, 2007

Lance Burton Magic : Don't try this tour at Disneyland !

It's been a while since i've post a magic tour topic, so here is one today with the great Lance Burton. If you live in America, you obviously know Lance Burton. If you live outside the U.S, may be you don't know him, so let me introduce him to you: Lance Burton is one of the master magician, but you can't see him anywhere else than in Las Vegas, at the Monte Carlo hotel, where he have his private theater.

So, today, here is three different kind of magic tour performed by him , and they worth the 5 minutes you will take to watch them.

The first one is a wonderful classic tour of levitation, and don't miss the "prestige" - the end of the tour!

The second one - a disappearing tour - is so perfectly done you won't see the trick!

And here is the one you better don't try at Disneyland - or anywhere else. It's what is called an "escape" tour, and in this case Lance is attached at the rails of a rollercoaster! The train is launched and Lance have less than two minutes to get free before the train arrive and cut him in half! This kind of "escape" tour was the specialty of legendary magician Harry Houdini, and even if everybody is always pretty sure the magician will get free before the deadly time, in fact, there is always a risk that everything turns bad. This is why magicians don't really like to perform this kind of "escape" tour, but their love to defy death is sometime stronger...

Anyway, here is the video, and, remember, don't try this at home...uh, i mean, at Disneyland!

Videos: copyright Lance Burton

All my thanks for the videos to the different people who posted them on youtube.

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