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Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel - Artwork, Photos, and Videos !

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, like the park, is located on Lantau Island - 20 minutes only from the airport and 40 minutes from Hong Kong island, and what you must not forget is that there has been a huge land filled, as before , where HKD is now standing , everything was under water! as you can see on these two pictures , before and after.

The main reason about the choice of the architecture of the two HKD hotels was that they were so different that one can find in hong kong, and that’s sure as it’s probably hard to find in hong kong a victorian architecture like the HKD hotel.

But, before they built it , as we are in hong kong, the location of the hotel required a “feng shui” master! So, Imagineers of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel worked with a feng shui master from Hong Kong for positioning the buildings and entrances throughout the resort.
His advice included to make sure that the main entrance faced north to south, oriented to ensure maximum advantage from the Green Dragon Mountain to the east and White Tiger Mountain to the west. Doorways, so, are placed to maximize the flow of positive energy. Water themes also dominate throughout the resort, in restaurants and lounges.

When you arrive at the entrance of the resort, you instantly know that the imagineers did their best: The avenues leading to the hotels have a great tropical lush vegetation theming and , instantly, you know that you’re entering in a “Disney” world.

I stayed at the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel, one of the two hotels of the resort - the other one being the “Hollywood hotel”, and both of them are great , top disney-quality. To give you an idea, i put the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel - who have the same architectural style - between the Disneyland hotel in paris and the Grand Floridian in orlando. It’s bigger than the Disneyland hotel in paris, and smaller than the Grand Floridian.

And it’s a great one! with a beautiful lobby...

Big rooms with balcony...

Luxury suites, with WDI art framed on the walls...

Wonderful indoor-outdoor swimming pool and asian spa...

And even a labyrinth maze in the central garden where you can play to get lost!

Some rooms give you special access to the “kingdom club” , a beautiful victorian private lounge where guests can find free drinks and food all day.

The Imagineers designed three different restaurants, from quick and casual at the "Sorcerer’s Lounge"...

To fine dining at the Crystal Lotus restaurant, featuring fine Asian cuisine themed after the five essentials of life – wood, metal, earth, fire and water .Even the entryway to Crystal Lotus, the hotel’s signature contemporary Chinese restaurant, pours on the Disney magic. Guests pass above the see-through floor of a virtual aquarium. As they step onto the surface, rushing water is heard and ripples spread as the colorful “fish” dart about. The imagineers had fun to put lot of “special effects”. At the bar, the top of the vodka or whisky bottles launch “flames” regularly and the lotus flowers are changing of colours in a fraction of seconds!

The ultimate in Disney character dining can be found in the conservatory-like setting of the lamp-lit Enchanted Garden Restaurant, offering exquisite buffet-style meals.

But there is one other good reason to stay at the HKD hotel: it’s the fantastic view on the Hong Kong bay at night,. After a whole day in HKD magic kingdom, having right in front of you, the dazzling sky line of hong kong at night, it is really magical!

And now it's time to discover it through two perfectly filmed youtube videos by barrybillionaire. You will see everything i mention above, including WDI special effects in the Crystal Lotus restaurant!

Artwork: copyright Disney - Photos: copyright Disney and Alain Littaye

Youtube videos by barrybillionaire

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