Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If anyone ask you when was the first Disney released of Cinderella, what would you say ?

Probably 1950 - which is actually the date of the first released of the animated "Cinderella" that we all know - right?

Well, i am sorry to say that you will be the real date of Disney's first released of an animated version of Cinderella is...1922!

That's right: 1922, and it was released as a Laugh-O-Gram, some of Disney's first black and white animated. Okay, as you will see, it don't looks really like the 1950's version, but the truth is that it really is the first Disney adaptation of the famous fairy tale.

Now, nothing is better than to watch the real thing, so, here it is below on this youtube video. Enjoy the discovery, for those of you who will see it for the first time.

By the way, this old photo of Walt above is a great picture. Click on it to enjoy it in big size.

Photos and video: copyright Disney.

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