Monday, August 20, 2007

Disney and more Time machine : Back in time to Frontierland at the end of the 50's - Great video !

I always try to find the best available videos for my "Time machine" series, but this one is really a trip back in time!

This great colour video - with all my thanks to "Toonfinder" - was shoot at the end of the 50's and will show you not only how Frontierland looks in that era, but also attractions that are now extinct since a loooong time.

At the end of the 50's you still could travel through the Frontierland desert in a stagecoach or on a mule...

...and ride the mine train through nature's wonderland and the rainbow caverns...sometime even with Walt!

Tom Sawyer's island didn't have yet its new pirate theme , cowboys were still fighting in the streets , the Golden Horseshoe saloon had its original show and the Mark Twain riverboat - thanks to the Technicolor colours - look like the one in the "Showboat" musical!

I've always think that the cinema was the only real "time machine" as it can makes you feel the spirit of an era, and these two videos will show you exactly what i mean.

Enjoy them, it's pure magic!

Artwork, photo and videos: copyright Disney

Great thanks to Toonfinder for the youtube links!


Joe Shelby said...

I take it most of that formerly open land for the stagecoach ride is now the multi-story parking garage north of the hotel?

Alain Littaye said...

Frankly, as i live in Paris and not in california, i can't give you the answer!

Alain Littaye said...
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Shawn said...

No, the parking garage area was never part of the park. What you are looking at is either where Big Thunder is now, and/or where Splash Mountain/Critter Country are. Critter Country used to be an "Indian Village" area, and Big Thunder was the mine train/Nature's Wonderland.