Saturday, August 18, 2007


Here is a double feature topic for this week-end as we will talk both about the new 1967 Tomorrowland and the People mover story. As always, great videos to go with it.

So, in 1967, WED enterprises did a major re-creation of Disneyland's Tomorrowland, and a big part of the architecture of the land was changed.

Here is a WDI rendering for the 1967 Tomorrowland version.

Mary Blair beautiful mosaic murals appeared at the entrance of the land.

The "elevated" Rocket Jets were there, too.

Here is the Tomorrowland terrace , with its orchestra.

The General Electric carousel of progress was also part of the "new" land.

As well as the great "Adventure through inner space" with its mighty telescope, presented by Monsanto.

And let's not forget the unforgettable "Flight to the moon" and its mission control pre-show room...i, personally, still miss it!

Here is a first great video that will show you the new 1967 tomorrowland, including its opening, and those of you who didn't have the luck to ride "Adventure through inner space" or "Flight to the moon " will be happy to discover them!

And this second video by Kevin Hill is a nostalgic look at this great land.

But one of the major changes was the opening of the People mover. Thanks to it, Disneyland guests could have a unique look to Tomorrowland attractions and landscape , and relax at the same time in the PM vehicles!

As we've seen in the previous 1964 World's fair topic early this week, the Ford Magic Skyway that WED designed for the fair was the real beginning of the people mover technique.

The People mover, so, was taking guests all along the land, from the entrance...

...through the "avenue of flags" and to the Rocket Jets...

where the boarding room was...

then close to the Matterhorn and Submarine voyage...

before getting inside the "Adventure through inner space" building and other shops.

When Tomorrowland was redesigned again at the end of the 90's, the People mover close on August, 21 1995 to make room for the Rocket Rods. But now that Imagineer Tony Baxter is in charge of Disneyland, there is great hope that it will come back soon!

You've seen a glimpse of the People mover in the first video above, but this video tribute to the PM, done with a very clever editing by Martin Smith. will show you everything from the origin until its last ride!

This other video is a People mover ride through filmed between 1991 and 1993 by " HbVideos", including the Tron "super speed tunnel".

Let's end by another video about the story of the Rocket Rods, which include the audio of the preshow and a complete ride-through filmed from the front seat!

Artwork, photos and 1st video: copyright Disney

All my thanks to the different people for the youtube links!