Monday, August 13, 2007

Walt Disney's Mars and beyond - Photos and videos

At the end of the 50's , the conquest of space was in the air, and Walt Disney produced for his tv show his famous "Man in Space" animated series.

Always visionary, Walt asked Wernher Von Braun - who will designed later the Saturn 5 rocket for the Apollo missions - what could be his vision of the future space travels. Von Braun is the first on the left on the picture below.

Von Braun - who was a man who knew what the word rocket means as he worked on the german V2 project during world war 2 - designed some amazing spaceship, as you will see on the videos below.

Here is Walt and Wernher Von Braun again with models used for the show.

Ward Kimball, Disney's famous animator and imagineer worked on the project - here he is with Walt and one of the model of the spaceship to Mars.

The good thing in all this is that president Eisenhower, after seeing Walt's series became more interested in the conquest of space, obviously it helped to launch the space program.....and finally to go on the moon!

As always, Walt introduced the show, but this time with a special guest , a giant robot!

Thanks to the youtube links below you'll be able to see the whole show, but if you don't have a lot of time, jump to the last two parts, the most interesting one.

Photos and videos: copyright Disney

You can find the complete series of the three Man in space 1950's tv shows which includes "Man in Space" , "Man and the Moon" and "Mars and Beyond" on the Disney treasures dvd set "Tomorrowland" at

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