Friday, August 17, 2007

Disney and more Time machine - Back in time to October 27, 1954 : Disneyland, the very first TV show

What about having a look at the very beginning of Disneyland - i mean, the first time that american audience have learned that a "Disneyland" was going to open in California, a loooong time ago?

The Disney and more Time machine takes you back in time in October 27, 1954 , thanks to the youtube videos below, when Walt Disney announced to the world , and more specifically to all the american people who had a television in their home, that the first Disneyland was going to be built at Anaheim, California.

So, sit comfortably, and - if you've never seen it before - watch Walt Disney introduce to you what was at that time "his" revolutionnary entertainment concept!

The Part One video feature a glimpse of the Walt Disney Studios: a Sleeping Beauty Live-Action test scene, make-up/set for 20K Leagues Under The Sea. And of course introduces the audience to Disneyland, Frontierland and the Davy Crockett mini-series.

Part 2 tells us about Adventureland and also feature footage of the the True-Life Adventure series in the Galapagos Islands, Falkland Islands, Lapland, Morocco and Spain. It also introduces us to Tomorrowland and Ward Kimball's Man in Space series.

Part 3 explains Fantasyland, and includes, too, the "Laughing Place" scene from Song of the South, the first Mickey Mouse cartoon "Plane Crazy" and the reading of the famous line "...that it was all started by a mouse."

Now, how was the opening day of this first Magic Kingdom? Art Linkletter, Ronald Reagan, Legendary Imagineer John Hench, and the first child to walk through Disneyland's gates in 1955 remember it on this video below.

Many thanks to freedogshampoo and stationvillage for the youtube links

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Joe Shelby said...

All of those are available on the Disneyland USA dvd, from the first Disney Treasures tin set which is out of print but probably can still be found in used shops and ebay.