Sunday, November 25, 2007

Epcot Soarin' Behind the scenes - Photos and Video

Yesterday you've learn everything about the making of Expedition Everest, and today we will have a closer look on how the imagineers created the highly popular Soarin' attraction.

When you ride it, it don't looks that complicated - a huge IMax screen and seats in the air - but , like everything, it is not difficult once you've found the way to do it. And it's imagineer Mark Sumner, senior technical director and project/ride engineer at Walt Disney Imagineering who find the "trick" that made it possible.
On the pictures below, he shows off the simple prototype he constructed from old toy parts to demonstrate the sophisticated mechanism that would simulate a high-flying adventure on Soarin'.

Now, on this great Modern Marvel video, Mark Sumner will tell you much more about the making of Soarin'. Enjoy it!

Photos and Video: copyright Disney

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