Saturday, November 24, 2007

Expedition Everest Behind the scenes - Photos, Artwork, and Videos

The opening of Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom was a major event : Imagineering was back at his best! This huge E-ticket attraction is undoubtedly one of the best achievement from WDI imagineers. Its stunning theming made it an instant success , and here is a tribute to Joe Rhode and his team of imagineers with a great "behind the scenes" documentary.
I must add that it is one of the best making-of i ever seen on any Disney attraction.

As always at WDI, it all begin with models and artwork, let's have a look first at some renderings.

Then, it's the time to do the models...

And now, it's time for this fantastic making-of documentary! The videos below are in five parts, and watch all of them, you won't regret it!

Let's end with some beautiful shots of the whole area and a Disney video of the ride as well as a video of the grand opening of the attraction.

The first of these two last videos is a Disney promotional video showing part of the ride and the last one show Expedition Everest opening ceremony.

All photos and artwork: copyright Disney

Videos: copyright Science and Disney - Many thanks to vaultdisney for the youtube links !

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