Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Behind the scenes

The soft opening of the Tower of Terror at Paris Walt Disney Studios will begin in two weeks from now, and i thought it was time to have a closer look "behind the scenes" of this major E-ticket attraction with great videos. It is going to be a major event for Paris second gate, and everybody - from the park management to the DLP fans - hope that the TOT will "save " the WDS, just like Space Mountain did 12 years ago for the first park. There are big chances that it will be the case, that the TOT help to bring more guests inside the park and money to built new attractions.

As we know , WDS Tower of terror is similar to the California adventure version, but it seems that the imagineers improved some of the effects. We will know more about that soon.

This first video was done for the DCA TOT , but as the WDS have the same one, it is interesting to have a look at it.

This other video was done for a Disney german tv program "Disney film parade" , and here begin the warnings for my european readers who want to avoid any spoilers, as this video will show you how WDS TOT is working, technically speaking.
Please note that this video is in german language.

The next one is more known , even by my european readers, as it is an advertising video which was used for the opening of the DCA version.

From this point, if you don't want to know anything about the ride and preserve the surprise , please do NOT watch the video below!

The "Twilight Zone" fiber optic effect at the Hollywood Tower Hotel sign at the entrance is always great to look at, and yes, it will be too at the WDS version.

This next youtube video will show you the pre-show movie - the one you will see in the hotel library.

This last video is a on-ride video at DCA, but the scenes are similar to the one we'll have in Paris. Once again, if you are planning to ride the TOT at the WDS and keep the surprise, do NOT look at this next video. The ride itself is short, and it's better to discover it with your own eyes.

Photo: copyright Walt Disney Imagineering

You tube videos: most of the material in the youtube videos is: copyright Disney

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