Sunday, November 18, 2007

Walt Disney Studios Hollywood Boulevard placemaking update

Hello all, here is a new update about the Walt Disney Studios Hollywood Boulevard placemaking, and i have plenty of photos for you , in fact you will see this new area almost like if you were there. As always, the photos are in high-res, so click on each to have a closer look to all the details of the new decor.

The palisades were supposed to be removed yesterday, but the works on some details is not totally over, so, finally, they will put them off december 6th. As you will see, the area behind the palisades is almost finished, so we can see better how it will look.
The painting of the building - in the center when you exit the studio 1 - is finished, the information desk, too, and a new billboard has been put on the top of it.

The advertising poster on the new billboard is of corse an old one, in respect with the theme.

Here is a look at the back of the buildings, from another angle.

On the right of the "boulevard", the "Franklin department store" is finished, too. Brilliant theming, as you can see.

Now, let's have a look to all the right side of this "boulevard" - i have to remind you that it's only 30 meters long from the beginning to the Hollywood backdrop, so it's not a really long "boulevard"...All the "new" coconut trees you can see are not real one , but even if you look closely to them, they look incredibly real!

Let's have a closer look to the details, the marquee, as well to the street lamp.

Here is the Hollywood backdrop. The guests will have to go through to access the Tram tour.

And here is a picture of the whole thing - sorry for the backlight effect.

Let's go back on the left to have a look to the future information desk.

Now, let's take a totally different angle, from the extreme right. The green building called " la terrasse " was built at the opening of the park, and they decided to keep it.

On the other angle, now , totally on the left.

Always on the left, a view of the Tower of terror garden. Note the new fountain on the bottom right, it will be the second fountain for the Walt Disney studios.

Right now, and until december 6, this is the view that one can have when exiting the Studio 1.

DLP fans have a lot of expectations about this new area, and i think they will be happy when the Hollywood Boulevard will open in december. Of course, you will have plenty of new shots as soon as it is possible to get in!


Anonymous said...

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NotesfromtheBarn said...

excellent update again Alain...

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