Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Disneyland Paris Christmas celebration update

Disneyland Paris Christmas season began last week, and let me tell you that Paris magic kingdom is really the place to be this christmas. Those of you who are planning to visit the park in december won’t be disappointed as the spirit of christmas is present in almost each land. Plenty of new things to report, and great photos thanks to Alexandre Rosa. Many thanks to him for his wonderful pictures you’ll discover below. Please click on each picture to see them in big size.

The first thing one can see is the snowmen on the main stret station that welcome the guests and the huge christmas tree on town square, as usual.

Town square is also the perfect location to watch the christmas parade with a new opening float
the reindeer characters, rand the wooden soldiers

and of course Santa Claus huge float

I love the reindeer characters, they look so funny!

Children can meet and greet Santa Claus in the morning , also on town square.

Fake snow cover central plaza in front of the castle!

In fantasyland you will find the christmas village , beautifully themed by day, and magical at night

The old mill is not working in this season, but full of christmas gifts!

At Frontierland's chapparal stage, the ice show “Mickey and the magic of winter “ is coming back until january

But it is in the new Woody round up area that you will find some brand new theming. We talk about it last time, but the theming is now complete with , first, a place dedicated to Woody , a perfect photo location

Let’s have a closer look to all the details

Woody can be meet at the center of this new little ranch

Another house host the “Stinky Pete “ character , it almost look like the toy box. Note the visual effect of mine tunnel behind him.

But it’s also here where everybody can meet Santa Claus during all day , and the line is a looong one.

The visitors go through Santa Claus workshop, full of toys that his assistants prepare for the big december 25th shipping. No audio animatronic here, but small movements of head and arms, though.

When the night is coming, the whole park become more magical than ever

Snow is falling for the candlebration ceremony with Mickey and price and princess

The frozen castle and the night parade end this memorable day

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Photos: Alexandre Rosa - Many thanks to Alex for his wonderful pictures !

High-res photos : copyright Disney

Other photos: copyright Alain Littaye


Anonymous said...

Les photos de nuit sont magnifique !

NotesfromtheBarn said...

MMM that book is getting tempting Alain

nojarama said...

Fabulous update (and gorgeous pics)! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Glorious pictures! I wish I could go this year!