Friday, February 8, 2008

Disneyland historical pictures in colour

It's been a long time since i've posted old historical photos of Disneyland, so, here is a special post with some nice one.

Originally these pictures were all black and white, and you may have seen some of them before. Although they are here in big size, as usual, i have try something different. For the simple pleasure of creation, i have slightly tint them, in a colour that seems to me the best appropriate to each scene. You know, just like old photographs can be, some time.

Personnally, i find the result interesting, but i suppose that some will think it's a sacrilege! But i count on you, all open-minded Disney and more readers to appreciate it.

The first one above is of course the famous Disneyland marquee, circa 1950's. This next one is the opening day, everybody knows that it was on July 1955, and temperatures were high, so i tried to find a colour that give this feeling.

The 20000 leagues under the sea exhibit at Tomorrowland.

Walt in the viewliner train, circa 1950's

The construction of the Columbia

The construction of the Matterhorn

A view of the desert sequence of Nature's wonderland attraction

The construction of the submarine ride

The flying saucers ride, circa 1960's

All photos: copyright Disney

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Courtnye said...

I have been searching for the original Disneyland image you have. Is there a place where I can purchase that print or other historical images of Disneyland?