Friday, February 8, 2008

The new Walt Disney Studios Tower of terror web site is great !

The new Walt Disney Studios Tower of terror web site is great........and will be even better in some weeks when new interactivity sections will be added. However, i strongly suggest you to have a look to it right now as there is nice visual elements to discover. Click on each picture below to have a better look.

Each page is in "flash", with animation and here is how it goes. When you arrive on the first page, the site will ask you to choose your language

Once you've done it, a 1930's "Tribune of terror" newspaper front page will appear, talking, of course, of the dramatic events that happened in the hotel 70 years ago

...and then transform itself in a more modern front page telling you that the Hollywood Tower hotel re-opens for business and asking you if you always want to go further

Of course you say yes, and you arrive then inside the Tower of terror lobby - photo on the top - where a groom welcome you while a big part of the ceiling is falling down in the background !

At this point, you're logically going to click on the different sections to explore them. But don't do it! Stay there, on the "lobby" page, without doing anything.......wait, and watch what happens...

After few seconds, some ghosts will appear and enter the lobby. They are the ghosts of the family who disappeared 70 years ago. First, the little girl and the nanny...

Then, the couple - the father and mother...

While another ghost appears in the armchair on the left...

At that point, light goes down in the lobby, and we can hear one of the elevator falling in the background, with people screaming, and a green ray coming out of it

After what another groom - a ghost - goes through the lobby again walking towards you

All this takes 2-3 minutes, so just wait for them to appear, it's fun to watch. Then, you can click on "Discover the new attraction", another page will open - in fact you're moving two floors up - and you arrive in the library where a groom is reading. A short film on the TOT events history will be played on an old tv screen

But if you choose in the lobby the "Tower of terror effect", you will move to another "floor" where another groom will welcome you in the "Twilight Zone", while the elevator doors open in the background

Click first on "watch the movie" to discover what happen to a lonely dog trapped in the twilight zone. At the end you will have the choice to discover the "Tower of terror effect". Note that you can also access it with a click inside the elevator if you don't want to watch the movie

Another page will open, asking you to download a photo from your computer, and the portrait you will download will ........oh, sorry, i don't want to spoil everything, so you'll have to try by yourself to discover this "Tower of terror effect" !

Other sections, like "games" "presidential suite" or "terror movie theater" will open soon or on february 25th, so you'll have to come back to discover them. However, a last stop is possible if you click on "offer and bookings", and this will send you in the boiler room

This new TOT web site looks pretty cool, doesn't it? Well, you can make the jump to it with a simple click HERE. Enjoy it!

All photos : copyright Disneyland Resort Paris

TOT web site at:


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