Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The New DCA Pixar Play Parade and a Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily tribute

In this article, i will give a special tribute to Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily, and to the brand new DCA Pixar Play Parade.

What? You don't know Kevin and Jody? I don't believe it! Kevin and Jody are two fantastic sculptors and one thing is sure: you DO know all the fantastic collectibles they've created two years ago for Disneyland 50th anniversary, all these fantastic Disneyland replicas.

Like this great sculpture of the Pirates of Caribbean auctioneer

Or the beautiful Monorail replica

And also this great Rocket to the moon lamp

Not to mention the fantastic Mark Twain replica, actually on sale on Disney Outlet web site.

And, by the way, you can have a look at all the fantastic collectibles they've created on their special Flickr page HERE

Now, what is the link between the new DCA Pixar Play Parade which had its first soft opening two days ago and Kevin and Jody? Well, you see, Jody Daily is actually the Art Director for the the new Pixar Play Parade opening officially at DCA on March 14. All the floats, puppets, AA figures and some of the costumes are his design - But not the music, coming from the same people who wrote High School Musical.

Kevin sent me some of Jody's great artwork for this new parade and here they are!

You can see plenty of great pictures of the parade soft opening on miceage HERE

But you can also watch the video of the whole parade right here below, thanks to "TwilightZoneAnaheim" who did a great job and posted them on youtube!

Now, let's come back to Kevin Kidney. Not only Kevin is always creating new wonders for Disney, but he now have is own blog, the Kevin Kidney blog at miehana.blogspot.com , and it's a great one!

You can discover on Kevin's blog rare artwork, like this one in relation with the Kaiser "Aluminum Hall of Fame" a "lost" Disneyland's extinct exhibits...

Or these also rare pictures of the floats of the "Hercule Victory Parade" that began its short run at Disneyland in June 1997. Kevin collaborated with artist Vladimir Petrov in sculpting and constructing the float models.

You see, these kind of very rare documents that you don't find anywhere else, even on Disney and more!

So, as they fully deserves it, have a look to Kevin and Jody wonderful work, whether it's on Kevin blog, on their Flickr page or at DCA new parade!

Jody Daily artwork: copyright Disney

All other photos; copyright Disney

Youtube videos: many thanks to TwilightZoneAnaheim

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