Thursday, April 10, 2008

200 000 Visitors !!! Many many thanks to all of you, Disney and more readers !

Just one year ago, on April 7 2007, it was the very beginning of Disney and more, so this is the first Disney and more birthday. And today, thanks to all of you dear Disney and more readers, the site - i say "the site" because, although it is a blog structure, it's more and more looking like a web site - has reached the point of 200000 visitors ! What a great birthday present! Also, in one year, 500000 pages were read and 1300 readers gently took the time to answer to my poll, and that's very kind from you.
Each day, now, between 1600 and 2000 visitors are coming on Disney and more. Until today, the record was reached last sunday with 2320 visitors and 6486 pages read. But today was a new record for Disney and more with 3574 visitors and 7420 pages read on a single day.

Those of you who come each day on the site have probably already understood it, Disney and more is not only about Disney, it's also about ideal. I mean, a vision of an ideal web site where you can find not only beautiful pictures - old or new - but also great and rare artwork, all of them in high-resolution when available, and with no damned web site logo on it!
A web site where everybody can watch the best videos available on Disney attractions and "behind the scenes", or even watch great magic acts - who don't like really good magic, frankly? , find the latest infos on great Disney merchandise items, and news about the highly awaited movies like WALL-E or the next Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull.

Disney and more is also, and before everything, a huge tribute to Walt Disney Imagineering and to all the fantastic wizards of Glendale. May be everything began with a mouse, but without their genious, this unique experience that we can live only in Disney theme parks will not be part of our reality. May Disney Imagineers live forever!

I need to thank also all the blogs and web sites which kindly and regularly are doing links with my Disney and more articles, and a special thanks to Al Lutz from Miceage. Thanks to his link a new visitors record was broken today.

So, once again, and as would have said this dear old Sammy Davis Jr, i thank all of you "from the bottom of my heart"!

See you all tomorrow, for the awaited last part of the Disney MGM Studios articles series, it's a promise!


Unknown said...

Thank you for such a great site! I love it and read it everyday. The work of the imagineers is so inspiring...THANK YOU!

Unknown said...

Thanks for doing this!

I am a huge fan of the Disney and More site.

kaicito said...

it's a little shouldn't be thanking US, you know. thank YOU for all the work you put in this site and most of all for the great artwork you post. your love of Disney really shows through every day!

Anonymous said...

Congrat!!! And thanks for all your post!!!I come your blog everyday! And hope there will be more post about HKDL! Haha!

JOSELO said...

Yours is a fantastic site! Really!
Thanks for your amazing job informing us all about Disney.

Congratulations and Greetings from Mexicali, Mexico!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your site and been reading for more then a year!
Congratulations and many more years!
- Amsterdam , The Netherlands

Roald Bergmann said...

Wow. More than 3000 visitors on a single day. That's impressive. I have a small Disney site here in Denmark (, and I only have about 200 a day, so i'm stunned. I visit your blog everyday. Good job! :-)

Craig Wheeler said...

Alain, you always provide great insight, and I love all the concept art. I never miss a post. Keep up the great work. And congratulations on completing your first year.

Unknown said...

WOW Alain I really love your site and the great work that you do here. Since you have so much to share with us I have something to share with you. If your interested I have a copy of the blueprints showing the layout for the "Big City USA" : A New York themed area in Fantasyland That I can email you if interested to show on the site. Email me at and I will send them to you. Also I am a big fan of the orginal Euro Disney expansion. Do you have more art work, blueprints, layouts, especially for the Disney MGM Studios Europe theme park that you will be shairing with us soon?

Thank you