Saturday, April 12, 2008

Disney and more 2008 Contest Answers and Winners !

That's it, the Disney and more 2008 Contest is now over and now is the time for what you're all waiting for, i.e the answers and who are the winners!

First, i want to thank all of you who participated to this not-so-easy contest. Some questions were really hard, but that's part of the game, if they were easy, it won't be fun!

Among all of you who did researchs to find the good answers and sent me an email with your answers, only TWO have found the good answers to all the questions, and so the winners are:

Paul Poubanne who win the first prize, a signed copy of the rare collector’s edition of the Disneyland Paris “from sketch to reality” book.

and Thomas Frederiksen who win a signed copy of the regular edition of the Disneyland Paris “from sketch to reality” book.

Congratulations to them!

And now, here are the answers to the contest. From that point the text will be both in english and in french language.

Et voici les réponses. A partir de maintenant le texte sera à la fois en français et en anglais.

Question 1: In Main Street station, before the arrival of the train, we can hear a announcement ( “ your attention, please...etc ”) . What is the name of the imagineer who did the voice?

Quel est le nom de l’imagineer dont on entend la voix dans le message diffusé dans la gare de Main Street avant que le train n’arrive?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : Eddie Sotto

Eddie Sotto was the show producer of Main Street

Eddie Sotto était le show producer de Main Street

Question 2: A project of an elevated tramway was considered for Main Street U.S.A, but never built. The concept was finally built in another Disney theme park. Which one?

Un projet de tramway surélevé avait été envisagé pour Main Street U.S.A, mais non retenu. Le concept fut finalement repris et construit dans un autre parc Disney. Lequel?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : Tokyo Disney Sea

The elevated tramway is located in the American Waterfront of TDS.

Le tramway surélévé est situé dans le land American Waterfront de TDS.

Question 3: In Phantom Manor legend, the daughter of the owner of the manor didn’t get married as his future husband was killed by her father. What is the right name of the bride?

Dans la légende de Phantom Manor, la fille du propriétaire du manoir ne put jamais se marier car l’homme qu’elle devait épouser fut tué par son père.
Quel est le nom exact de la mariée ?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : Mary Murphy Ravenswood

It was possible to find the answer in the articles of Jean de Lutèce on the Jim Hill media web site.

La réponse était trouvable dans les articles de Jean de Lutèce sur le site web de Jim Hill.

Question 4: In Big Thunder Mountain legend, the mountain, before being transformed in a gold mine, was a “sacred” mountain for an Indian tribe. What is the name of the indian tribe?

Dans la légende de Big Thunder Mountain, la montagne , avant qu’elle devienne une mine d’or était considérée comme sacrée par une tribu indienne. Quel est le nom de la tribu indienne?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : The Shoshonis

It was possible to find the answer in the articles of Jean de Lutèce on the Jim Hill media web site.

La réponse était trouvable dans les articles de Jean de Lutèce sur le site web de Jim Hill.

Question 5: The name “Lucky Nugget” of Frontierland saloon is related to a saloon which appear in a Disney movie produced in the 1960’s. What is the name of the movie?

Question 5: Le nom “Lucky Nugget” du saloon de Frontierland vient du nom d’un saloon qui figurait dans un film produit par Disney dans les années 60. Quel est le nom du film?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin

It was possible to find the answer in the articles of Jean de Lutèce on the Jim Hill media web site.

La réponse était trouvable dans les articles de Jean de Lutèce sur le site web de Jim Hill.

Question 6: The character of Molly Brown did exist for real, and she sailed on a famous liner. Which one?

Le personnage de Molly Brown a réellement existé et navigua sur un paquebot célèbre. Lequel?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : Le Titanic

It was possible to find the answer in the articles in my book "From sketch to reality".

La réponse était trouvable dans mon livre "de l'esquisse à la création".

Question 7: Just like Frontierland’s shooting gallery, another shooting gallery concept was considered, with a different theming.

Sur le principe de la shooting gallery de Frontierland, un autre concept de “shooting gallery” avec une thématisation différente fut envisagé pour le parc.

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : Pirates of Caribbean shooting gallery

This one was a tough question, i must admit, but here below is the proof.

Cette question, je dois l'admettre était difficile. Voici l'artwork, ci-dessous.

Question 8: The Imagineer John Horny did a painting of the Explorer’s Club restaurant ( now Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost ) on which were painted famous explorers. Among the names below, which explorer was NOT on the painting?

L’imagineer John Horny réalisa une peinture pour le restaurant Explorer’s Club ( maintenant Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost ) sur laquelle figurait des explorateurs célèbres (réels ou de fiction). Parmi les noms ci-dessous quel est l’explorateur qui ne figurait PAS sur la peinture?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : Allan Quatermain

It was possible to find the answer in the articles of Jean de Lutèce on the Jim Hill media web site and in my book "From sketch to reality".

La réponse était trouvable dans les articles de Jean de Lutèce sur le site web de Jim Hill et dans mon livre "de l'esquisse à la création".

Question 9: A Tarzan themed attraction was considered for Adventureland, but never built. What kind of attraction was it?

Pour Adventureland, une attraction sur le theme de Tarzan fut envisagé. Laquelle?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : A Tarzan "coaster"

This one was the big trap of the contest, as most of you, of course, thought about a Tarzan tree house. The Tarzan "coaster" was envisioned to be build near Captain Hook's pirate ship and using in part the Swiss Robinson Tree structure, but it was a coaster. So, sorry, folks, but the good answer is a Tarzan "coaster" as the rendering below will prove it to you.

Cette question était le gros piège du concours. La plupart d'entre vous ont bien sur pensé à un Tarzan tree house. Il était envisagé de construire ce Tarzan "coaster" prés du bateau du Captain Hook et en utilisant en partie la structure de l'arbre des Robinsons, mais c'était bel et bien un coaster. Donc, navré, mais la bonne réponse était un Tarzan "coaster" comme le prouve le rendering ci-dessous.

Question 10: Among the projects considered but never done for Discoveryland , one attraction was a come-back of a Disneyland Anaheim extinct attraction. Which one?

Parmi les projets envisagés mais non retenus pour Discoveryland figurait une attraction disparue de Disneyland, Californie, laquelle ?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : The Flying Saucers

This one was easy to find, the rendering being previously published here.

Celle-ci était facile à trouver, le rendering figurant sur Disney and more.

Question 11: In the preliminary concepts for Discoveryland, a roller coaster ride inspired from Tony Baxter’s Discovery Bay project was considered but never realised. What would have been the name of this coaster?

Dans les études préliminaires pour Discoveryland un roller coaster ride inspiré du concept Discovery Bay de Tony Baxter fut envisagé, mais finalement jamais réalisé. Quel était le nom prévu pour ce coaster?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : Spark Gap Coaster

The good answer was indeed Spark Gap Coaster, and not only it has been considered for Discoveryland, but an attraction poster concept was realised, and the right attraction's name that you had to find is on it!

La bonne réponse était effectivement Spark Gap Coaster, et non seulement elle fut envisagée pour Discoveryland, mais le concept d'un attraction poster fut mème réalisé, et le nom exact qui était à trouver figure dessus!

As i said in the question, the concept was coming from Tony Baxter's Discovery bay project, here is the rendering.

Comme indiqué, le concept venait du projet Discovery Bay de Tony Baxter dont voici le rendering.

You don't find the coaster? Look closer in the background center, or below.

Vous ne voyez pas le coaster? Regardez attentivement au fond et au centre, ou ci-dessous.

Question 12: Among the hotels concepts considered but never realised for Disneyland Paris, which one in the four below was never considered?

Parmi les projets d’hotels envisagés mais non retenus pour Disneyland Paris quel est celui dans les quatre ci-dessous qui ne fut jamais envisagé et ne fit l’objet d’aucun concept-art ou de maquette ?

Good Answer / Bonne Réponse : A rocket shape hotel / Un hotel en forme de fusée

Yes, a liner shape hotel, an aircraft carrier hotel or a totally transparent hotel were envisioned, but not one with a rocket shape!

Et oui, un hotel en forme de paquebot, en forme de porte-avion ou totalement transparent furent envisagés, mais pas un ayant la forme d'une fusée!

That's it for the answers, but before i leave you, as many of you will wonder if these never realised attractions could be realised in the future, let me say this: the chances to see at DLP a Pirates of Caribbean shooting gallery, the Flying Saucers, the Spark Gap Coaster or even the Tarzan "coaster" are close to 0%. Although "a good idea never die at WDI" i'm ready to bet that none of them will be build, whether because they don't have the room available for, or because they simply have better concepts, now. The Tarzan coaster could have more chances, but frankly, i wouldn't count on it, really.

C'est terminé pour les réponses, mais avant de vous quitter, et comme la plupart d'entre vous ne manqueront pas de se demander si ces attractions jamais réalisées pourraient l'ètre un jour, laissez moi vous donner mon feeling à ce sujet: les chances de voir un jour à DLP une Pirates of Caribbean shooting gallery, les Flying Saucers, le Spark Gap Coaster ou mème le Tarzan "coaster" sont proches de 0%. Malgré "qu'une bonne idée ne meurt jamais à WDI" je suis prét à parier que aucun de ces concepts ne sera construit, que ce soit parce qu'il n'y a plus la place disponible, ou tout simplement parce qu'ils auront trouvés de meilleurs concepts. Le Tarzan coaster pourrait sembler avoir plus de chances, mais franchement, je ne compterais vraiment pas dessus.

Many thanks once again to all of you for your participation, and come back soon to learn some amazing facts about Phantom Manor!

Encore une fois merci à tous pour votre participation, et à trés bientot pour des infos surprenantes au sujet de Phantom Manor!

Artwork: copyright Disney Enterprises Inc.


Anonymous said...

C'était un concours très intéressant et je me rend compte que j'ai quand meme pas mal de bonnes réponses. En tout cas, je suis heureux d'en savoir plus sur DLRP maintenant.
Quand connaitrons nous la liste des gagnants ?

Anonymous said...

Qui sont les 3 autres gagnants ? Des prix 3, 4 et 5 ?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God !
Alors ça pour une surprise !!! Merci merci merci infiniment Alain !! Peut-on rêver plus chouette cadeau d'anniversaire (bon c'est dans 3 jours, mais ça tombe pile poil) ? Tu peux pas imaginer, je suis juste aux anges, mdr !
J'ai pris un plaisir fou à explorer de fond en combles ton blog pour trouver toutes ces infos sur DLRP, et je te dis un grand bravo pour tout ce travail que tu accompli ;)

Alain Littaye said...

l n'y a pas d'autres gagnants, il y a juste eu deux gagnants , comme indiqué dans le texte, qui recoivent donc les deux premiers prix, et les trois autres prix ne sont donc pas attribués puisqu'il n'y a eu que deux gagnants!

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanx for an interesting quiz! Some very tricky quetions indeed. Had a lot of fun trying to find the answers.
But what I find even more "tricky" (as in "Tricky Dick" alias Richard M Nixon) is what happened to the rest of the prices? Come on Alain, that's cheap, hiding that you had to have all 12 answers correct to be able to win!

Alain Littaye said...

I can assure you that there was only two winners that found the correct 12 answers. Really. So, i can't give the other prizes to anyone else as all the others didn't found the right answers.

Also, i didn't "hide" that you had to have all 12 answers to win. As it was clearly written on the contst page "If there is multiple winners, an “innocent” hand will choose five of them." The problem is that there is no "multiple" winners, but only two!
I mean, i could of course "choose" some of those who didn't have all the correct answers and give these prices to the one "chosen", but it won't be fair for the other one, as only winners who find the 12 answers were supposed to be considered as winners.

So, to answer your question about what about the three other prizes, i.e the Tower of terror collector brochures, and considering that everyone seems to had fun with this contest, i think i am going to do soon a new contest, a little bit more easy, and centered on the Tower of terror. It will be a "special Tower of terror opening" contest, and the prizes will be the TOT collector's brochure that were not won this time. That way it will be fair, and bring more fun to everyone!

Anonymous said...

A very big well done to Paul and Thomas!!!

And a big thank you to Alain for hosting this quiz ~ my daughter and I both entered and are very proud that we only got one question wrong, and was the Tarzan question LOL

It was great fun researching the questions, we are looking forward to seeing the painting in Colonel Hathi's in August and are excitedly awaiting your Tower of Terror quiz!!

Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Of those four attractions, I would think it is actually the flying saucers that has the best chance of being realized at DLP. A version of this ride is proposed for an expansion of the California Adventure in Anaheim.

Anonymous said...

Merci pour ce concours, il m'a permis d'apprendre beaucoup sur Disney ;) Félicitations aussi aux deux grands gagnants ! J'espère que le prochain concours arrivera trés bientot, le livre "From Sketch to reality" continue à me faire rêver :O ...

Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read that post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon.