Friday, April 18, 2008

Frontierland ghosts are not the only one to organize party inside Phantom Manor !

We all know the grand ballroom party inside Disney's Haunted Mansions around the world, but at DLP Phantom Manor the ghosts are not the only one who can organize a party!

As the video below will show you, it seems to be possible to organize a special private party and dinner - not in the grand ballroom - but in the changing portraits hall! And DLP will even provide you four a capella singers to entertain your evening!

There is a special department in all Disney theme parks who is ready - in exchange of a certain amount of dollars - to fulfill your most incredible wishes for a unique evening...Me, personnally, i would love to have a dinner party inside Captain Nemo's grand salon in the Nautilus!....Mmmmh, i'm wondering how much it would cost...

Now, remember this fantastic Tower of terror grand opening show two weeks ago, with projection effects on the building? Well, in 2004, during the Halloween evening, the park did the same kind of show on Phantom Manor's facade, and the show was telling Phantom Manor's story. Have a look below at this great show!

This "special Phantom Manor" week is not over, as in my next article you will learn other amazing facts about it!

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