Saturday, April 19, 2008

A little selection of Disneyland Paris artwork

It's the week-end, and here is a little selection of Disneyland Paris artwork, park and hotels.

Let's begin with the park with, above, this rendering for the Main Street Motors shop.

Below, another one showing the Walt's restaurant entrance.

This one show one of the Disneyland Paris arcades.

This next one show the Frontierland Fort, at the entrance of the land.

And here is the facade of the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue restaurant.

Opposite to Fontierland is Discoveryland, with, of course, Star Tours.

On their way to the park's hotels, guests go through the Disney Village. Note that most of the big metallic columns have been removed, now.

A Rain Forest café was built some years ago, and still very popular.

Here is the New York Hotel during the winter season.

On his left and always around the Disneyland Paris lake, stands the Sequoia Lodge.

And at the other end of this lake is the Newport Bay hotel.

All artwork: copyright Disney Enterprises Inc

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