Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Disneyland 53rd Anniversary Special ! The very first renderings and Disneyland souvenir book pictorial high-res pictures

It's Disneyland 53th Anniversary today! And to celebrate it, here is a pictorial and artwork article that you should like - well, i hope!

When the park opened its gates on July,17 1955 guests could already find a souvenir book. But because the park was not finished yet when they printed the book, instead of photos, the reader could find inside renderings - the very first Disneyland renderings ever print inside a book. Some were in colour, others only black and white sketches. Here they are, beginning by the one for Main Street.

These are the one for Adventureland

And those were on the Frontierland pages.

For Fantasyland, the main rendering was showing of course the castle, but also sketches for some Fantasyland attractions.

The main rendering for Tomorrowland was showing the entrance of the land with the "Clock of the Future" and sketches of the Tomorrowland rocket.

Along the years - each year in fact - the popular souvenir books changed, and of course these had pictures of the park.

Here below are pictures of the 1957, 1959, 1963, 1968, 1972, 1978 souvenir books covers. All of them are in high-res, and should look fine on your computer desktop if you wish to use it as "wallpaper". Double-click on each cover to see them in big size.

For all of you who will be in the park today, enjoy the 53th anniversary, and bring us back some video of the celebration!

Artwork and Disneyland Souvenir books Photos: copyright Disney

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