Monday, July 14, 2008

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Gardens - Exclusive High-Res Pictures

This is the part two of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel article, and this time all the pictures are about the Hotel gardens.

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel have four gardens :

Mickey & Friends Square: The atmosphere of the World Bazaar is continued in this garden, with Disney character topiaries giving a heart-warming welcome to the hotel.

The Sherwood Garden : This Victorian-style garden of exquisite design has a pond and gazebo for a moment of relaxation.

Fantasia Court is located on the exterior 3rd floor. This fantasy-filled area features Mickey as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the water-carrying brooms from the Disney film Fantasia.

Alice’s Garden - also on the 3rd floor - is themed to the Disney class film Alice in Wonderland.

And it's also in one of the gardens that you can find the beautifully themed Misty Mountains Pool. Themed to the Disney classic film Peter Pan, this outdoor pool even have a Skull Rock and a fountain featuring the tick-tocking crocodile from the film.

All photos: copyright Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Please note that i will add these pictures to the previous Tokyo Disneyland Hotel article so you'll be able to find every picture on the same page.

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